15 Critical Body Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore


As children, a little cough or runny nose would in send bells ringing in our parents’ heads. After all, how can a medically-illiterate person tell the difference between a benign cough and one brought on by bronchitis?

Hopefully, any symptoms we experience are benign and not a sign of chronic, unidentified disease. Our body is communicating to us via symptoms, letting us know that perhaps something is going on and requires attention.

In this list, we’ll go over 15 critical body signs that are easily ignored but might possibly be a cause for alarm. Do take it very seriously if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

1. Sudden disorientation

A sudden lapse in memory is common as you grow older. You may even experience it at a young age, being unable to recall what you’re doing in the fridge. It may seem funny, and it affects numerous people around the world, but it may be a sign of a severe disorder.

Sudden disorientation can be caused by concussions, dehydration, low blood glucose, or it can be a sign of future dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you suffer from frequent episodes of sudden disorientation, you need to consult with your doctor on how you can prevent the condition from worsening.