15 Natural Ways to Prevent Cancer


Let’s be real for a moment: there is no single reason why cancer occurs, as well as no single cure.


We’ve been seeing lots of life-saving research and scientific data recently which sheds light onto the nutrition and lifestyle choices linked to decreased cancer risk. Isn’t it time to put this knowledge into practice?

Lowering your consumption of certain products, drinks and additives, as well as rethinking your routines and habits, can decrease your chances of developing most types of cancer.

If you are ready to start making the best decisions for your health and would like to learn the top 15 natural ways to reduce cancer risk, read on!

1. Stock up on probiotic foods

Consuming probiotic foods (fermented products such as sauerkraut, kefir, miso) and supplements (especially those which combine multiple strains) help support gut health as well as improve performance of your immune system. Probiotic-rich diet reduces the risk of developing colorectal cancer and sheds the chance of recurring bladder cancer, among other (more immediate) gut health benefits.