15 Signs of High Sugar Consumption


We all know we’re supposed to cut down on the sweet stuff (keeping it below 6 teaspoons a day is a popular recommendation), but it can be extremely challenging to do so. Because, let’s face it, tons of sugar (and sodium) we eat daily is not consumed with the teaspoon. It’s hidden.

In the processed foods and drinks (that make up to 60% of the average calorie intake in the U.S.) lay the invisible but very real sugar bombs that will go off inside your body and work against your health.

While it’s difficult to be mindful of the exact sugar content of all your beverages and foods, there’s an easy way to know when you’re overindulging. Your body will literally tell you! Just watch out for the following 15 symptoms:

1. You’re abnormally thirsty

Unless it’s a really hot day and you haven’t been drinking enough water, a strong sensation of thirst and dry mouth can be a signal that you’ve had too much sugar, which triggered a diuretic effect. Now you need to restore your water balance — but don’t reach for soda to get your hydration fix! It won’t do much to help and there’s more sugar in it than you’d think. If pure water feels unsatisfying, infuse it with fruit, ginger, or cucumber slices.