17 Home Remedies That Help With Stuffy Nose


We many times suffer from a blocked nose throughout the year. During winter it is caused by a cold or flu, and in the summertime, it’s typically evolved by pollen allergies or environmental irritants. The symptom is caused by inflamed blood vessels in the sinus, your breathing gets heavy, your nose feels clogged, you sound nasal, and the lack of oxygen can even carry some headache with it. There are useful medication available for each kind of the symptoms, however, if you prefer gentle, natural therapeutic ways, try these easy home remedies, that will open up your nose and the air for you, too.

17. Homemade Steam Bath

Image source: foxsl.com

You can prepare your steam bath the classic way, using a bowl of hot water and placing your face over it, covering your head with a towel. Watch out that the steam shouldn’t be too hot otherwise it will scald your face and even your throat. Or, if you have such a modern shower, you can enjoy your steam bath even in there. Any option you choose, steam will loosen up mucus and relieves sinus pressure. To intensify its benefits, you can use fresh ginger or essential oils to your session.

16. Saline Nasal Sprays

Image source: healthline.com

Saline (saltwater) nasal sprays are great if you don’t want to use any chemicals or medicines, but still needs help with easing your breathing. The saline spray has a number of great benefits. It contributes to restoring moisture, it cleanses the nasal passages from bacteria, thins out the mucus and relieves inflammation. A further benefit is that you can use it even for babies on a regular basis to give your nose a washout.