25 Uses of Banana Peels you Probably Ignored


There are only a few people who don’t like bananas. It is full of vitamins, trace elements, nutritious and if it wouldn’t be enough, bananas are delicious and sweet. Banana is the ingredient of many healthy foods too. In fact, it is often used for cosmetic purposes, by whom want to feel the good effects of bananas on their skin.

But what about the banana peel? Usually ends up in the trash, right? There are, however, many uses of banana peel that you may have never thought of.

Here are 25 of these:

(Note: if you prepare food or drink of the banana peel, always make sure it is organic and comes from a place where no chemicals are used.)

1. Cover for grilled chicken


Chicken baked on the grill is very tasty, and healthy but if you want to make it even healthier, you should take it’s skin off. In this way, however the meat remains unprotected over the heat and fire and can dry out easily. If you cover the chicken with banana peel, it protects the meat from drying out. The banana peel will basically work as the skin would.