33 dogs with unique patterns and colors


33 Adorable Dogs with Unique Coats!

Dogs are truly cute and loving creatures. Honest and faithful. However, the best word to describe the following dogs is memorable. They are truly unique in appearance, from their hair to the unique and unusual patterns on them. The unusual hair is mostly because of genetic diversity that subsequently causes the color variety. Interesting don’t you think? That these animals’ genes have worked miracles for their appearance.
You may have come across lots of dogs on the internet that were cute despite being of the standard looks we are used to. However, the following ones will blow your mind.

1. A beautiful and mischievous little husky

Gorgeous Little Husky

They say eyes are the windows to a human being’s soul. They to a great extent contribute to one’s beauty. Rarely are dogs described as beautiful because of their eyes, but this one just has to be. Anyone would marvel at this little husky’s beautiful eyes that make it look almost like it’s wearing some eyeliner. How nice to have an effortless natural eyeliner look when others have to draw it daily right? The eyes are not the only outstanding feature of this pup. Note the surrounding hair color. So lovely that it looks like Cleopatra.

2. Superhero puppy

The Superhero Pup

Almost everyone has had to wear a mask at some point, whether to a costume party, to impress someone or funny yet, to scare someone off. It is usually not so easy to find the perfect mask. As such, you have to try out different ones until you land on the one that suits your fancy most. Often times, a superhero mask is most preferred because of the hero’s qualities, but look at this dog. It certainly wouldn’t need a superhero mask as it looks like it’s already wearing one. The dog has a variety of facial hair colors that contrast so well making it look like it is actually wearing a cool superhero mask.