40 Reasons Why Coke Is Not Just A Drink


We bet everyone and their mother has heard about the myths surrounding this beloved beverage by now. Rumor has it that it possesses multiple purposes aside from its main one, which is quenching our thirst.

It might seem impossible and downright silly to just skip drinking it and to use it for something totally different. How about we gather the options right now and make a convenient list for you to look through, just in case you have some leftover Coke at home. Who knows, someday it might save you from a sticky situation, literally!

1. It can cure nausea


Image Source: goodtoknow.co.uk

This is the most well-known trick: make sure to pour out the drink in advance and let some of the fizziness evaporate. Try taking it in spoonfuls to relieve an upset stomach – just like you would take medicine. Regular Coke is more beneficial in this case than its sugarfree counterpart.

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