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7 Reasons Why Exercising Is Paramount for Good Health



No matter what we do, we cannot emphasize the importance of exercise enough! When you exercise, you speed up your body’s metabolic process which is important for the burning of unwanted fats and releasing of waste and toxins via sweating. That’s not all exercise can do. Targeted exercises can help improve your mood as well as your sexual performance – causing an improvement in your general well-being.

One important benefit of exercise is the longevity it provides to those who engage in it. The benefits of exercise cut across every age, sex, and physical shape.

Below are the 7 reasons why exercise is absolutely paramount to good health!

1. Weight Control

The scare offered by obesity and its disadvantages is enough to motivate anyone to exercise daily. If you want to maintain your weight, you will need to burn excess calories by engaging in physically demanding activities.

You do not have to spend hours lifting weights in the gym, but if you can consistently get active daily, and maybe increase the tempo of your chores, you would surely reap the goodies attached to regular exercise.

2. Fighting Diseases Or Health Conditions

Health conditions like high blood pressure and heart diseases can be kept at bay with regular exercises. Exercise helps the body to reduce ‘bad cholesterol’ causing the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or good cholesterol levels to increase.

Other issues such as stroke, diabetes, depression, and anxiety among others can be improved with exercise.

3. Energy Boosting

Regular exercise helps in straining your muscular tissues and boosting your strength. Oxygenated blood is carried during exercise to the tissues of your body and this, in turn, favors cardiovascular health providing you with more than enough energy for daily activities.

4.  Helps You Sleep Better

Want to sleep deeper and better? You should start exercising today.  Although exercise can help boost your sleep, it should be done at least 5 hours before you go to bed.

5. Helps Boost Sexual Life

Once you are out of shape or lack energy for sexual intimacy, your life under the sheets with your partner might just be headed for the rocks.

Steer your sexual life back on track by exercising daily. Exercise improves erectile dysfunction in men and even increases sexual drive in women! So what are you still waiting for?

6. Exercise Can Improve Bad Moods

Are you feeling down due to stress or pressure? You can let out some steam when you take a long brisk walk or just hit the gym.

Besides, regular exercise keeps you looking fit and attractive, which is good for your self-confidence.

7. Exercise is Fun!

Fun helps your brain to secrete hormones that make you feel good and relaxed. Exercise helps you do something you like and even connect you with friends, families or new people! You should start an exercise routine soon.


Final Thoughts…

The Department of Health and Human Services advises that adult should either do 75 minutes of vigorous exercise weekly or 150 minutes of moderate activity in the same period.

Endeavor to speak with your doctor before picking up an exercise routine especially if you have health issues like arthritis, heart diseases, pains, etc.