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Banish Belly Fat by Eating These Foods

Nobody likes belly fat. It is just not aesthetically pleasing and will often times be that one thing that stops you from wearing something you really like. In some cases, it could even have a negative effect on your confidence. Other than belly fat being unsightly, it is also dangerous. The visceral fat releases a hormone known to be responsible for diabetes and inflammation. It could also trigger heart disease, issues with the gall bladder and even breast cancer. In recent times, certain groups of people have come out with pills and “miraculous” solutions to get rid of belly fat but honestly, those shouldn’t be trusted. The answer to getting rid of belly fat lies in exercise and a proper diet. Here are some foods that you can eat in order to reduce belly fat.

1. Water and unsweetened beverages


Unfortunately, people do not drink as much water as they are required to. Sure most doctors will tell us to have eight glasses of water in a day but a very small number of people follow that. Well, water does not exactly have that sweet taste and sometimes it’s just not that one drink you’d rather have so we often end up taking sweetened drinks instead. We take our teas and coffee with sugar or some other kind of sweetener. If you are trying to lose belly fat, how about you get into the habit of going for water instead. Stay away from sugars because sugars contain fructose, which your liver can’t metabolize much. As a result, it ends up becoming fat and is stored in your belly. These artificial sweeteners also make you get cravings more often. So drink your tea or coffee without sugar as this will actually increase your metabolism.