Have You Heard of These Incredible Mouthwash Hacks Before?


Mouthwash is a staple in most households, but did you know that it can do more than keep your mouth fresh and help your gums? These hacks will ensure that you will never want to go without it – that is certain. The best part? None of these tricks have anything to do with dental hygiene! Are you ready to dive in? Then let’s go.

Keep your houseplants healthy


It’s not that rare an occurrence that houseplants are infected with mildew or funghi. That doesn’t mean you need to buy pricey repellents from the home goods store. You actually have a really potent solution right there at home: Mouthwash. To create a spray that will fight off these unwelcome guests all you need to do is mix mouthwash and water 1:3. Put the liquid in a spray bottle and your plants will be back to health in no time.