How to Continually Motivate Yourself to Work Out

We’ve all been there, getting super excited to work out and look like a Greek god. We go to the gym with that mentality for a couple of days and think that we will never give up until we reach our goal, and then all of a sudden we say let’s just skip one day, after all, it’s only one day, and that day turns into a month, and we give up altogether. For that reason, there are proven tips that can help you stay motivated and continue crushing your goals.

1. Fight through the first weeks


After the initial motivation that you have about wanting to have a ripped physique, the pain that we endure after the first few days fades that motivation and for that reason, many people give up easily.  To make things a little easier for yourself, start slowly and don’t try to do everything immediately, let your body get used to being a little uncomfortable and don’t completely break your will in attempting to do what people who work out for years do.