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Prevent Hair Loss By Eating These Foods


Let’s face it. Hair is important. While it might not seem so at first, ask yourself why people, both men, and women spend so much money on hair products. That said, the one inevitable thing is hair loss. It’s supposed to be the most normal thing, especially in the process of aging but no one likes the idea of losing hair. Nobody likes to be called old but boy does thinning hair just have a way of reminding you of your age.
Worry not though. While it may be inevitable to lose hair with age, the process can definitely be slowed down. It’s all in the diet. Yes, the kind of food you eat can go a long way in keeping your hair fuller for some time. Let’s learn more about these foods that will help you prevent faster hair loss.

1. Spinach for Iron


Other than iron being great for boosting the immune system and helping you not get fatigued too often, turns out it can help you with your hair. Now before you start dancing with joy for finding this solution, there’s a warning. If you are a woman going through menopause or an elderly man, don’t be too quick in adding the amounts of iron in your diet. Visit a doctor first and have him examine the levels of iron in your body and from there, you can get your go ahead. Some rich sources of iron include spinach and leaf beans among others that will keep your hair follicles strong and healthy.