15 Worst Foods For Your Brain


The brain happens to be one of the most powerful organs in the body and we certainly cannot do without it for the simple reason that it controls other body organs. In fact, it controls all of them. It’s responsible for the beating of your heart and even the fact that you are breathing because it controls the lungs. Every single time you feel scared, have memories of an event and whatever feelings you may have, all of them stay in your brain. Having seen the important things your brain is responsible for, it’s important to eat the right foods to keep it healthy and functioning properly. You want your brain clear and for that reason, healthy eating is a requirement. It will also slow the rate of cognitive decline and reduces risk of dementia as you age.
There are foods that are terrible for the proper functioning of your brain though. They could end up causing confusion, they could have you feeling pretty low or cause a slow reaction. You certainly don’t want your ability to make good decisions to be affected, do you? In that case, it is necessary to stop some bad dietary habits. Just eliminate the following foods from your diet.

1. Trans Fats


It’s worth noting that not all fats are bad for you but trans-fats have a terrible effect on the brain. They are usually found in animal products including meat and dairy naturally but the worst is the one produced industrially which then get pumped into packed foods. They are sometimes referred to as hydrogenated oils and are mostly eaten in the form of chips, crackers, margarine, store-bought baked goods, frozen and canned meals and creamy beverages. These increase one’s chances of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia, lower brain volume, cognitive decline and a bad memory.