5 Best Ways to Improve Memory Retention


Memory is a complicated thing. It is a combination of several brain activities in creating, consolidating and recalling the memory.

As we age, there is bound to be some memory loss. It’s natural. However, there are a few steps you can take to keep your memory working at the top level for longer time. These steps have scientific backing and research has proven them effective.

Want to know how to improve your memory and keep it working way into old age? Read on.

Below are 5 ways you can improve your memory retention.

1. Meditation


Meditation is one way to improve your memory. Your working memory is a part of your brain that holds fresh data temporarily for immediate use. After use, these data can be discarded or kept in the long-term memory for further use.

Our working memory is one of the most used parts of the brain functions as it is used on daily basis and can hold up to 7 items at a time. If left idle, this capacity can begin to decline.

If you want to get your working memory up and running, then you need to meditate often. While working memory can be improved in eight weeks using other procedures, it can be done in two weeks with meditation. Meditation helps us to concentrate effectively thereby elevating working memory.

2. Drink Coffee

Coffee is said to consolidate our memory. Some folks debate that taking caffeine before trying to learn a new idea help you grasp better. However, while some studies have found zero relationships between caffeine and memory, most recent research agreed that having caffeine after learning something new can help make memory retention stronger and one can recall that particular memory for as long as a whole day!

Researchers had used a ‘pattern separation’ experiment to carry out this research and found that caffeine was actually effective after learning and consolidated the memory and was less useful before.

3. Exercise

Weird huh? But true! Exercise can improve your ability to recall better.

Scientists have studied the effects of exercise on both rats and human brains and have found that it helps the ability to recall memories. As you age, engage in regular exercise if you want you spatial memory especially to be intact.

Taking a brisk walk can trigger the brain and help improve cognitive abilities according to research.

4. Chew Gum More


While you’re busy learning new things, chewing gum can be one of your best bets if you want to consolidate the memories. Although there is no solid scientific backing to this, a recent study asserted that individuals who chewed gum throughout a particular lesson made more accurate memory recalls.

The brain’s hippocampus, a part which is associated with memory, experiences a lot of activity when you’re chewing a piece of gum and this is believed to be a reason why chewing the substance can affect recalls.

5. Eat More Berries

If you never knew, now you do. Berries, according to research in the Peninsula Medical School and the University of Reading, were found to improve memory recalls. This effect is however not just short term but lasts longer.

Blueberries and strawberries are believed to have positive effects on the memory by decreasing the memory decline rate (although there is still a debate as per the effects of strawberries on memory, blueberries contain flavonoids that are beneficial to the brain’s working process).