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5 Things You Mustn’t Do After a Meal


It is often normal and easy to feel sleepy after a meal. Those who have to go to work do so nonetheless but would have plunged themselves into bed otherwise. It’s the same for folks who like smoking a lot.

Some people even think having something like a cup of tea can aid in faster digestion of their meals. The truth is, most of these habits can do less good and more harm.

Here are five things you mustn’t do after a meal. Enjoy.

1. Do Not Eat Fruits After a Meal


Contrary to common knowledge, fruits ought to be eaten at least an hour before a meal or 2 hours after. Fruits are easy to digest; however, they may not be properly broken down if consumed immediately after a meal.

2. Do Not Take a Bath Immediately After Eating

A good way to delay digestion is to take a shower immediately after a meal. The blood that aids digestion around the stomach is forced to be transported across the whole body during a shower, thereby affecting the overall digestion rate.

3. Do Not Take Tea After a Meal

Tea leaves are quite acidic. Acidity frowns at the digestion process. Protein gets congealed and hard once it reacts with the acid in the tea leaves. This can make it hard for the body to digest the protein content. Also, iron absorption is interfered with when you drink tea immediately after meals. It is advisable to take tea an hour before or two hours after meals.

4. Don’t Smoke After a Meal

They said if you smoke a cigarette after a meal, it amounts to 10 cigarettes. This might sound like an outrage but we all are aware of the dangers posed on our wellbeing by cigarettes and hence they ought to be avoided.

5. Don’t Sleep After a Meal


You probably have nothing to do and think it is okay to eat and sleep – you’re wrong! When you jump into bed immediately after a meal, you deny your body the chance to effectively digest the meal. You’d most likely wake up feeling full.