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Got Plant Milk? 16 types of plant milk to improve health and flavor


Do you suffer from dairy allergies?

Are you lactose intolerant?

Perhaps you’re seeking ways to reduce inflammation.

Or maybe you’re looking to avoid the antibiotics and hormones often found in cow’s milk?

If you relate to any of the needs or concerns listed above, chances are you’ve searched for substitutes for dairy.

Don’t be mistaken though, plant-based milk is not only good for people who suffer from allergies or intolerances, but for anyone who is looking to try something else, besides dairy milk.

And, while such milk certainly isn’t a brand-new concept, the availability of options in this category is continually expanding. In fact, here we’re going to list an amazing 16 different varieties of milk, all derived from plants.

The best part?

We’re going to specifically look at each of these milks to see whether or not they ‘do your coffee good.’ Because, if they don’t enhance your cup of joe, why bother, right?

Just kidding, we know there are many other uses for plant-based milks aside from just adding them to your coffee, but since we’re pretty partial to this beloved bean, we’ll stick to the java-enhancing qualities of these milks for now. 😉